Museum of Magicks – The Cover of Shar

Museum of Magicks – The Cover of Shar

A collection carefully curated by infamous adventurers that include everything from battered trinkets to divine instruments of the gods.
by Mack Eaton    Twitter

The Monks of Shar live in a monastery covered in darkness, constructed underground, hiding from the light of the sun. Their training and servitude are a perilous one, as they have constructed their cloister on unstable grounds with narrow pathways and with plenty of depths to fall into. This culls the weak they claim.

Once inducted into the Monks of Shar the novices are given the Cover of Shar, a blindfold that bears Shar’s black disk with a purple border. Once a monk possesses the Cover of Shar they may make journeys and missions to the surface world, as long as the cover protects their vision from the harsh sun. Even when blindfolded the Monks of Shar move with grace and certainty as if they were able to see.

The Cover of Shar is a divine cloth, made of a brown linen and has Shar’s symbol inked onto the front. When wearing the cover across their eyes the wearer gains the Blind condition, but in their mind they can see a projection of their surroundings up to 10 feet in any direction, dark objects surrounded by a purple outline.

Enemies more than 10 feet away gain Advantage on any attacks against the wearer and the wearer has Disadvantage on any attacks beyond 10 feet. The wearer gains Advantage on any Perception check that does not use their eyes and may locate any object or humanoid within 10 feet and attack and react as normal within that radius.

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