Museum of Magicks – Zealot’s Mask

Museum of Magicks – Zealot’s Mask

A collection carefully curated by infamous adventurers that include everything from battered trinkets to divine instruments of the gods.
by Mack Eaton    Twitter

A metal humanoid visage with spaces for eyes and holes to breathe gazes back at you as you hold the mask in front of you. The inside of the mask bears a strange symbol, a skull surrounded by a ring of blood droplets. As you raise the mask to your face it rests comfortably against your skin, and you feel a soothing wave come across your body.

The Zealot’s Mask is connected to a divine force in a powerful way. The symbol of the god that the mask is tied to does not need to be displayed, may be displayed on the inside, or on the outside. To attune to the mask the wielder must equip the mask for 24 hours. When wearing the mask, regardless of attunement, the wielder gains advantage on any charisma checks that would involve reading their face and advantage on intimidation checks.

Once attuned to the mask the wielder may cast Augury up to 3 times per day as if they know the spell and are able to cast it. While they are wearing the mask they also start to hear a voice giving them suggestions.

The Voice of a God

When the player is wearing the mask you may occasionally provide them suggestions in the form of whispers in their mind, the suggestion is based on the god you’ve chosen for the Zealot’s Mask. An evil aligned god may suggest they kill an enemy before questioning them, while a good aligned god may have them free a captured NPC.

When whispering to the player have them make a Wisdom Save. If they succeed a DC16 they may ignore the whispers in their head, but gain advantage if they perform the action suggested. Should they succeed on a DC12 but not a DC16 they get disadvantage on any actions that would not be in favor of the suggestion and advantage on the suggested action. If they fail on a DC12 then they are compelled to perform the suggested action, and can only be stopped by intervention of others.

DM’s Note: Increase the DC of these checks as the players gain level and as they remain attuned to the mask.

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