New Campaigns Starting!

Starting the week of April 24th, we’re rotating to a new Schedule! Here’s what we’ll be running! As usual the first show begins at 1pm EDT and the second at 4pm EDT!


D&D Writing & Prep: 1pm EDT

Will & Phil, the dynamic duo, return to write the week’s games with chat.

The Round Table: 4pm EDT

A group of DMs & Players interview a guest from the Community to chat D&D and all things nerdy.


D&D5E: Beginners Play D&D: 1pm EDT

Will teaches a new group of Players how to play the game and begin their roleplaying adventures.

Mutant Year Zero: Ruin Nation: 4pm EDT

In an Apocalyptic wasteland, everyone is a Mutant. Everyone must fight to survive.


Call of Cthulhu: Horror on the Orient Express: 1pm EDT

A tale of intrigue and terror begins aboard the Orient Express, a journey which will take the Investigators far further than Paris…

D&D5E: Tyrant’s Thrall: 4pm EDT

In a city of revolution and bloodshed, 4 heroes emerge from the wreckage.


D&D5E: Wayward Tides: 1pm EDT

On the western continent of Faerun, a world of underwater cities exists. A band of Pira-privateers explore!

D&D5E: Tales From the Yawning Portal: 4pm EDT

Tomb of Horrors, White Plume Mountain and more are explored in this classic dungeon delve.


D&D5E: It’s Character Building: 1pm EDT

A character building workshop and creative project.

D&D5E: West Marches, Tricks of the Trade: 4pm EDT

Viewer Games continue with the open slots for everyone to join in on!


Numenera: A Series of Stillness: 4pm EDT

We’ve still got a few tricks left up our sleeve! Wait to hear more on our latest campaign coming your way.



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