Newest ERP Member Welcomes Self to the Team

Howdy folks out there in the world of ERP. In case you haven’t noticed, some of the recent posts have been posted by me (Rem) instead of Mitch. That’s because Mitch has been going to something called “law school,” which is apparently an important part of his schedule. Due to this so-called law school, the mantle of writer and editor has been passed onto me, Rem! Though not an official member in the past, I’ve maintained a steady connection with the team through writing modules and being a longtime follower in the streams.

So after ERP contacted me and passed on the Mitch-torch, I received “responsibilities,” which mostly involves keeping an eye on the website and maintaining congruence with Beth over at the RP Tavern. For the most part, it’s been pretty awesome. I was even added to the group banner in all of my druidy, swamp-living splendor (they even gave me an owl! I named it Hoot-Hot).

Though most druids in the Okefenokee look like this.

Then came the moment where I waited for a great big post on the website—an announcement to trump all announcements—where it would be made known to all that I, Rem Farr, Scribbler of Modules and Survivor of Mobile Homes, was now a member of the team. I suppose that, officially, the announcement on Monday’s stream was the true moment where I joined the team. There was even a tweet about it. But I still found myself waiting for the big announcement on the web site. I checked every day when I woke up, even before feeding my pet alligators. But that’s when it hit me!

Of course there’s no update on the site—I’m responsible for the site!

Which means it’s up to me to welcome myself into the team at Encounter Roleplay. So with that being said, those of us at Encounter Roleplay would like to welcome Rem Farr to our team because he’s the best. We like him and his alligator hat, which is extremely elegant and worthy to be bestowed upon the craniums of only the best—even Will and Sydney, upon seeing the hat, claimed that “only those who tread with angels can wear such a glorious hat” (note: that’s a direct quote from them exactly other than the fact that they said something totally different).

So be on the lookout, people, as Encounter Roleplay is moving forward at the most encountery speed that it’s ever moved before!

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