NPC: Brother Shaemus

Name: Brother Shaemus
Race: Human (Really a Wood Elf but has had surgery to look human)
Age: 491
Class: 3 levels in Necromancy Wizard/3 levels in Long Death Monk
Profession: Researcher, Scientist, works for Blackwood

Appearance: Brother Shaemus is an elf. He has spent a very long time passing himself off as a human, believing humans are more widely excepted in most societies then elves. He has waxy pale skin, scarred ears have been rounded and his robes are filthy and ruined. His order have shunned him as their studies are primarily focused on the specific moment of death. The long death monks, contrary to popular belief are not advocates of necromancy. He’s quiet, unsettling and socially inept.

Role in the shop: Sells weapons.

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