NPC: Dr. Howard Waits

NPC Name: Dr Howard Waits
Race: Dwarf
Age: 197
Class: Forbidden Knowledge Cleric
Profession: Doctor, Psychiatrist, Scholar, Gentleman, Employed by Blackwood

Appearance: When presented with a choice between wearing clothes of the finest materials and most sumptuous design and armor, Howard refuses to choose. His plate mail armor is custom made and black as night. It has decorative buttons down the front, mimicking a large heavy dress shirt, complete with collar. He generally wears a tie of some sort that will match his waistcoat or his jacket. He wears a bowler hat that doubles as a carefully disguised Tea Pot and saucer with a smaller cup hidden inside. Beneath the pretentious clothing is an overweight, even more pretentious dwarf who has little love for anyone besides himself. He is sarcastic, rude and wields an umbrella with an axe handle. The deployable canopy of the umbrella doubles as a detachable shield. Howard has little love for Garrett or Blackwood, but he understands that they can acquire books and artifacts that few others can. He also realizes that going against Garrett could get him killed. His early work for Blackwood involved helping rebuild the mind of Drezni Vostok, his former patient, after he was killed by Garrett. Technically he reports to Brother Mathias, but he has never been one to bow.

Role in the shop: Runs the library and sells books.

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