NPC: Drezni “The Mute” Vostok

NPC Name: Drezni Vostok (The Mute)
Race: Orc
Age: 37
Class: Totem of the Bear Barbarian
Profession: Blackwood Enforcer, Bodyguard, Champion

Appearance: Drezni Vostok, mostly referred to as just Drezni, was a mercenary in Knaerwood. He was involved with thwarting the attacks of the Scarred Man on the town on many occasions. He is 8’6″, thick with muscle and wear no armor or shirt. His body is grey and pockmarked with scar tissue. His face and neck are wrapped in bandages that look a little old. His chest and arms are also bandaged in places. Drezni does not speak. He has the capacity to make sounds and is not incapable of speaking, but he remains steadfastly silent. He has a tendency for violence and his loyalty to Howard and by extension Garrett and Blackwood have made him a legend of Blackwood.

Role in the shop: Doorman.

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