Old School RPGs go dark with For Coin & Blood

Old School RPGs go dark with For Coin & Blood

By Jacky Leung     Twitter

Old-school fantasy roleplaying games are the heritage to their modern iterations. Over time, some systems have grown in depth with increased complexity. But old-school systems have the charm of being bare bones or gritty, generally to allow for increased opportunities to roleplay and problem solve. These old-school traditions continue to be loved by veterans and newcomers, as game design continues to be streamlined, there is an appeal for the phrase: “sometimes less is more.” For Coin & Blood, created by Gallant Knight Games, utilizes iconic gameplay and turns the players into the villains that typically heroes defeat. It’s a game about antiheroes, thieves, and assassins in a grimdark setting.

For Coin & Blood uses a modified d20 roleplaying system based on classic OSR roleplaying games such as Swords & Wizardry: WhiteBox. The setting sports over 100 pages featuring seven classes, spells, and magic items, along with new mechanics. The classes and spells may sound or look very familiar, but tweaks have been made to bring the old-school play to this setting along with special rules such as new lethality benchmarks, and corruption. Even the new classes are designed to embody the genre. Characters also gain infamy to build and organize criminal syndicates and cults for example.

Unlike traditional Kickstarter campaigns, For Coin & Blood has a short crowdfunding period due in large part to a nearly completed product, this includes written game text, fiction, turned in artwork, and editing finalized. The only aspect left was the layout but was already stated to be nearly finished by the start of the campaign. The PDF of the setting will be available on DriveThruRPG along with the option for print-on-demand, but for a limited time, backers can acquire a limited edition red hardcover copy, a standard edition green hardcover or softcover at-cost of printing. What does at-cost of printing mean? Backers will receive a coupon to receive their physical copies at printing costs, which according to the Kickstarter page, is $4 USD for softcover and $10-12 USD for the hardcover. Backers and future purchasers will still pay the cost of shipping. DriveThruRPG will handle fulfillment in addition to future digital and physical purchases.

Gallant Knight Games wants to produce a complete product and have it immediately in both backers’ hands and ready for purchase for the general public. The crowdfunding increases awareness and promotion, additionally to recoup expenses made from this project. At the end of the campaign, Gallant Knight Games stated that backers would immediately receive their PDFs along with their print-on-demand coupons. Because of the short campaign and focused product development, there are no stretch goals and any additional funds will support future products.

Kickstarter link: http://kck.st/2CLjoJl

Gallant Knight Games Twitter page: https://twitter.com/GallantKGames

Gallant Knight Games website: http://www.gallantknightgames.com/


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