Paths There and Home – The Letters of Rowlie Rushlight / Chapter 4

These are the letters of Rowlie Rushlight throughout his adventures in Middle Earth, penned by GrimJack21502.

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Gerald, I write this letter from deep within the Mirkwood and I do so knowing that there is none to deliver it to you in Dale. However, I continue putting quill to parchment as it helps to alleviate some of the weariness that has begun to settle into these old bones.

This journey has grown, my boy, and no longer is it an errand for King Bard. Instead it has splintered like a cracked window after a hard frost, threatening to branch off into too many trails to follow, and we five are caught in its purpose and carried by a strong current to some unknown destination.

There is too much to tell and too little time to tell it.

We encountered some of the oldest inhabitants of Mirkwood, the giant spiders, and I dare say they were almost the end of us.

Can’t remember if I mentioned this to you, lad, but the city in Gondor, Minas Tirith, means ‘The Tower of Guard’ or ‘The Tower of Watch’ in Sindarin. Though I am not deserving of such luck, I saw the title made manifest in the actions of Hardwin, son of Hurwin. While protecting me from the aforementioned spiders, he used his sword and shield to carve great suffering into the foul beasts. Had he not been there, I fear this letter would never have been written.

Our resident dwarf, Bartleby Stonefoot, continues to surprise. While knowledgeable in the arts of stealth and subtlety, his fearlessness and warrior instincts rival that of any in our fellowship. The more I think about it, the more I begin to believe he may prove the difference in our continuing conflict.

And Finally, much to all of our surprises, his included, Arvehlan continues to suffer more from this journey than the rest of us. I have been too long in this world to know that his misfortune is from lack of skill; sometimes the Fates wish it one way and Men the other. I have no doubt that he will once again earn favor and show his true worth; it simply pains me to see him so helpless and, quite frankly, distracted.

We are several days from the home of Radagast the Brown, but I do believe I have devised a way to eliminate our need for sleep and food. If I bake and grind, treated and dried Reedmace and we inhale the result, we should experience the benefits above. I shall tell you the results in my following letter.

Stay safe, my boy.

With a proud heart,


P.S. We are in Radagast’ s. Listen carefully, lad, under no circumstances are you to attempt to create the powered Reedmace as I explained in the body of this missive. You are absolutely not to bottle it in our dropper vials and sell it for 5 silver pennies a dose. Finally, now listen carefully, my boy, you are not to raise the price to 10 silver pennies for returning customers. I hope none of this has been done by the time I return.

P.P.S. Also gather as much Dihque as you can. I do believe we have finally found something that focuses Arvehlan.

P.P.P.S The previous ‘post scripts’ are not part of Rowlie’s actual letter 😉

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