PC: Gellewin

Name: Gellewin Castwhistle
Player: Vulcarnon
Details: Goblin, male, late 20s, Shaman

The goblin is 3 ft 2, and has a brown gray sweater, brown fur vest, medium brown fur pants, brown medium high leather boots that are slightly covered in mud. On his head he has a wolf headgear that covers the back of his head and most of the sides of his head. He has a long braided gray beard and long tousled gray hair with some eagle feathers in it.

Gellewin is a shy person of few words. He is mostly angry and sad. He really wants revenge for something that’s happened, even though it’s not visible. Gellewin is a loyal & helpful goblin, but he is not someone who should be put in charge of difficult situations, because he lets emotions decide outcomes instead of rational decisions.

Gellewin has always been a joyful goblin and has never wanted anyone any harm. 
As a child he was always interested in magic. When Gellewin became 15 years he applied to Caelfall academy of sorcerery. He never really became a good sorcerer, and had barely grades over D. At the end of the school year he finally managed to goblin-up and get to know Callee Fargear.  They found the tune surprisingly quick, considering Gellewin was bullied by classmates because of his height and low grades – especially Zamax, he was the worst. Callee never cared about Gellewin’s low grade nor his low height, she loved him for his enlightened and positive personality. At the age of 17 he dropped out of Caelfall academy due to lack of motivation & bullying. Gellewin got a low salary job, to get some gold for him and Callee.

At the age of 20 Gellewin wanted to surprise Callee with a picnic since they had been together for 5 years. In the middle of the picnic an old “classmate” Zamax appeared and used one of his magic spells on Callee that resulted in her death. Gellewin got furious and tried to use a spell on Zamax, but he teleported away before Gellewin’s failed magic spell hit him. Gellewin was crushed: he had no good job, lost the love of his life, and to top it all off she was killed by the goblin Gellewin hated the most.

At work, an old mysterious goblin started talking to Gellewin and introduced him to shamanism, and told him that if he wanted to learn more they should meet a at a cabin far in the forest. After some years of practice Gellewin finally found something that he succeeded at, and his hunger for revenge on Zamax grew even greater.

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