PC: Peewit

Name: Peewit
Player: EncounterJames
Details: Dwarf, male, ranger, 99

Peewit is a short-arse, even for a Dwarf. He is brown of hair and blue eyed, skinny and with a short plaited beard. He wears a set of scaled armour from neck to toes and a bronze war-mask with metalled horns. He carries a heavy crossbow and a two-handed hammer. He also wears a woolen heavy cloak.

Peewit is a trusting and kind fellow. His loyalty is often his undoing as he is quick to trust and easily tricked. He has lived in the wilderness for many years and is generally unkempt and scruffy. He is slightly eccentric and not particularly dwarven in his personality. He often relates to elf and tiefling ideals of chaotic goodness and kindness. He is quick to anger when he is pushed however prefers to avoid conflict if he can control himself (ideally).

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