PC: Lai’Shen

Name: Lai’Shen (“Lie”)
Player: XolenAura
Details: Tiefling, male, 29, Bard
Titles: “One of Many Faces”

Whenever he is not in Private he keeps an Disguise Self Spell up to look like a Human with pompous entertainers clothes. Bright purple striped pants and shirt with a lot of plush slightly heeled shoes he uses to tap while dancing. He has brown hair, a stubbled beard, pale skin and green eyes.

In his undisguised state he is a light purple skin tone with white long hair, deep purple horns and a tail which he puts around his hip like a belt. He wears no shoes as he has hooves rather than actual feet. He wears leather armor and close fitting cloth shirt. The clothes are much more plain looking than his disguised self. Brownish in color. The only thing standing out is his hat, which has a big feather in it and has some kind of magic surrounding it with a flimmer.

Lai’shen is proud of his skills as a bard and illusionist, trying to bring joy to whomever he might encounter. He dances, plays the lute, sings and plays a small outlandish string instrument, all to entertain others and to forget his own heritage. He disguises himself for two simple reasons:

A: Tieflings are generally encountered with fear or hate.

B: He is disgusted by his demonic parts.

Other than that he tries to avoid confrontation and although he has a knife, he rarely uses it.

Hat of disguise self: This magic hat is used by the wearer to put on a magic disguise which alters looks but not form. It cannot grow additional limbs, but can alter clothes, thickness, but not actually create matter to touch.

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