PC: Bogle

Name: Bogle
Player: Spartans282
Details: Male, Vine Blight, “druid”, 200 yrs old

BogleĀ is made up of Dark Green Vines with Glowing dim Yellow eyes. His Vines form a structure of a male type body, Very tall around 7’10” with what looks like a Nest with 1 red egg on his head held by vines. Hands turn into a Sword and Shield Made of his own Vines. He has Natural Armor from his Vines but carries a Piece of a Crystal Wrapped in vines around his neck.

Cannot speak common tongue well, and can only say “Bogle”. Easily confused and Easily angered but has a soft spot for healers and nature types.

Piece of a Crystal that glows in the moonlight., 1 pound red egg.

A brown and white ferret.


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  • 7th May 2016 at 3:28 pm

    My name is Bogle, I am a Druid. From a very long line of Druids. We are children of the Universe, loyal to the Earth Mother. We are here to help humanity as always! Greed is the enemy of humanity if humanity is to survive it must end money. Not to worry we are all Emortal spirit’s coalesced in human bodies. We will return to the universe when the bodies expire. Quiet the carnival ride. Be kind everything moves in a circle. You get what you give.

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