PC: Gnaeus Maximus Pompus

Name: Gnaeus Maximus Pompus
Player Tag: Disquixote
Detailes: Male, Gnome, Age 42, Bard (Orator)
Titles: Official Ambassador of the Gnoman Empire, Gnoman Senator

Gnaues Maximus Pompus stands at a towering 3’8”. He is balding quite badly and has coarse grey hair on the sides and back of his head. He is built as portley as a large pot bellied pig, which is to say his belly enters the room a good bit before he actually does. He is always dressed in a white toga that is made of the finest silk money can buy, although it often has food stains painting it into a rainbow of colours. His Toga is complimented by the fact that his pudgy and unsightly legs always seem to be burgeoning out of his sandal’s laces as though try to escape a Terrasque. He carries a gold pouch on him at all times filled with Gnoman currency and often has a turkey leg,or a botryoidal mass of grapes, or some other form of sustenance hidden in his toga sleeve. His voice is a strong baritone that is quite commanding when he wants it to be,or at least until he gets terribly frustrated in which it becomes high pitched and squeaky.

Personality (traits, flaws, ideals, bonds)
Gnaeus was born into the upper class and rose quickly through the governmental ranks of the Gnoman Empire eventually being elected into the Gnoman Senate.This often gives Gnaeus an overinflated sense of self importance, and self righteousness. He is very honored about receiving the rank of Official Ambassador of the Gnoman Empire from the Senate as it is regarded as a great position in Gnoman Society, however he resents having to talk to anyone who isn’t a gnome or a high ranking member of a government , but does so because it is expected of him to speak with such plebes and as he has been told is common courtesy. Gnaeus also is very hedonistic and opulent. He often demands the best and is quite vocal is he doesn’t get his way. Due to his hedonism Gnaeus has developed a lust for life, and is quite avid on keeping that lust alive leading him to take actions that some have described as cowardly. These actions usually include hiding, running away and crying like a child at the first sight of a fight.

Gnaeus was brought up mainly by servants that had belonged to his parents, wealthy Gnoman merchants from the town of Erpinium, who passed away during an attack by the barbaric Gaulblins, He used the money his family had willed to him to learn from great orators and philosophers like Mini the Elder and Liliputius. Eventually with his wealth and education he arrived in the great city of Gnome, where he got his first government job as Assistant Praetor of Gnoman Aqueduct System.

Gnaeus sees his stay at the at any inn as an inconvenience as he should be offered a room in a palace,but in lieu of a palace a place with lots food and a bed will due. His one true goal in life is to become the Leader of Senate by returning as a shining example of Ambassadorship to the rest of the world and does not plan on returning to the great city of Gnome until he can do so..


Gnaeus only “friend” and companion is a very old gnome servant named Spurius. Spurius’s official job is seeing to all needs that Gnaeus has which often involves getting more food, more wine, or tuckings him. His unofficial job which takes up most his time is acting as a conscience for the self righteous Gnaeus.  Spurius wears an old brown tunic, is only 2’9” and consistently looks like he about to die at any single moment.

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