PC: Wentworth

Name: Wentworth
Player: o0epimetheus0o
Details: High elf, male, 230, rogue
TitlesThe Gentleman’s Gentleman for Hire

Wentworth is a 6’6″ high elf with slicked back black hair. He wears a bespoke black suit, he is clearly dressed as a butler white gloves and all. But on his collar is the insignia of his rank something he couldn’t remove. He has a few scar’s on his face just under his eye. His eye color is icy blue. For those lucky females who managed to get him out of his clothes, he has several scars on his body, but on his back is a tattoo tribal dragon, the words Green Dragoons 1st platoon under it.

Personality (traits, flaws, ideals, bonds)
Wentworth is a very polite person, he tends to keep a straight face no matter what is going on. If on a job his current employer comes first, but when given a chance his old street fighting thug habits will show themselves. For a Gentleman… he’s not very gentle. He show’s respect for anyone who served in the army be it from his own… or any other races. He takes great pride in his suits, be it the one he is wearing or one he has made for someone else… when crafting them he may go without food to get that last touch just right.

As a child he grew up in the wrong part of town, his father left he and his mother after getting in debt to the wrong people. So poor and hungry Wentworth did what he could to survive he fought… tooth and claw, He learned to use everything as a weapon because everyday was life or death. He joined a gang became one of there most feared enforcers, only to find out that this gang was the people his father owed money too. So, he cleared his debt with them and left… one long and cold walk home he saw a Recruiter for the High Elf armies, seeing this as a way to not only put food on the table for his mother… but also a way to put the skills he had learned fighting to use. He wasn’t a child for long after he joined the army.

He had a mother, the money he earned from the army kept her warm and fed.. even got her into a better neighbourhood but, a rival gang from the one he was in targeted her one day. She is dead now, his father is still missing so for now… its just him. Unless you count Dex… his pet.. but i’ll get into that furter down.

Wentworth has no goals to speak of, He has retired from army life, Opened up his Tailors shop ‘Choice Cuts’ and he takes on clients from time to time, going on adventures that is what he would tell you. But deep down… he hopes some day to find his father again, but he doesn’t like to get his hopes up. Perhaps he could settle down… he isn’t really sure.


He has enchanted gloves, that repair and clean clothes that he runs his fingers along.


His Jacket acts as a bag of holding, with a massive inside pocket.


Magical Tailor Tools: Able to craft enchanted clothes, (clothes that change color, or cause invisibility or something)

Dextor, a hunting dog, Black and white fur, his torso is white with small black spots down his leg to his paws, a black patch over one eye and a black patch on his butt just where his tail is. Very furry and soft and beautiful brown eyes. Is a springier spaniel. Very friendly dog who likes nothing more then sleeping in front of the stove in Wentworths room/shop. Trained hunting dog is no stranger to fighting. Is only a year old.

Wentworth’s room, is almost that of single bachelor, there is a small stove for cooking food on as well as keeping the room warm. A dogs bed in front of it, as well as a large comfortable armchair. His bed is simple but the sheets are clearly well made…and from his army training well tucked in. On the wall there is a torn banner of his old unit the Green Dragoons Recon Division. There is a writing table with a leather journal on it, as well as simple chair.

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