PC: Rilos Arzure

Name: Rilos Arzure
Player: ZeeAndor
Details: Halfling, male, mid 30s, Bard

Rilos is dressed in an extravagant red coat with golden thread¬†filigree, with gold and silver buttons and clasps just for added ornament. His natural hair color is light brown, but it’s appearance changes day by day as he Prestidigitates it with great whimsy, sometimes making it silver-grey, sometimes an emerald-green — the possibilities are endless, really. He wears jeweled earrings on his right ear and fine mole-skin gloves on his hands, with a shiny golden ring on his thumb (see below for details).

Crossbow of Fireballs: this crossbow had been in Rilos’s hands for many a years on his travels, but only recently has it been magically enchanted by the Hermit Mage Zarsalor of the Tower of Enlightenment. This now magical crossbow has the ability to light each bolt fired aflame dealing additional fire damage, and three times per day any bolt fired can be further enchanted to cast a mighty Fireball spell upon contact, surely to be the object of envy of even many a dragon!

Ring of Melody
: this golden ring Rilos wears on the thumb of his right hand has an aura of magic about it — when rubbed three times and spoken a command word, Rilos can manifest any musical instrument he wishes, so long as there is sufficient room in the space for it to appear (so a full church pipe organ could not be created in a cramped-up cavern). The musical instrument appears ethereal and anyone else but Rilos simply passes through it, while Rilos can play the instrument as if it were a Mwk instrument of the same type, and the instrument disappears an hour after summoning. Rilos can use this ring three times per day.
The Draccordion: This hefty machinery, comprised of a dozen different horns ranging from those of animals to some made out of brass and silver, a keyboard for producing notes and arrangements of such, and a blacksmith’s bellows for pumping the air through the whole system of tubes and pipes, as well as a spring-loaded mechanism to allow the instrument to continue playing even on it’s own for a while. It’s also enchanted with some magic of Rilos’s part that, while the Draccordion is being played, supplies Bardic Inspiration to all his allies on the field of battle, or the dance floor!

Sir Pony: this combat-trained pony accompanied Rilos on his journey to the Tower of Enlightenment, helping fend off two separate bandit attacks. He’s an almost-white-grey and has a perfectly black mane and tail, and has a feisty nature, but can be befriended by an offer of sugar cubes and carrots, though Rilos guards this secret greedily.

Rilos has absolutely had it(!) with the meager stage and equipment options at his disposal for performing at the Gilded Galgatron, so, having saved up for the last few weeks, he’s invested a fair amount of coin to have them renovated and provided, respectively — the stage now expanded a feet in each direction, rounded out into a semi-circle, there are tapestries adorning the walls depicting people dancing, singing and drinking, AND it’s complete with a backstage that Rilos has made his place of residence, filled with all sort of musical instruments of various types, shapes, sounds and sizes, and a small king-sized bed.

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