PC: Asa Finch

Name: Asa Finch
Player: DrofPeppers
Details: Half-orc, male, mid-20s

6’2″, fluffy white hair with a blu tint from cosmetic magic. Carries a khopesh, a glaive, and wears a noble’s outfit with a ring of nobility.

Asa is an orc of few words and few reactions. The quiet and sometimes prickly half orc was adopted by a family of wealthy humans who taught him to love his orcish ancestors, but this never really affected him. The most ironic thing about Finch is that he really hates the idea of scars. When Asa is struck by someone he deems as unworthy he will take it as a request to fight to the death. There are few things that Asa will respect over himself, aza respects children priests, royalty wise men, and people who have dedicated their lives to charity.

Azariah Republic (same place as this tavern but in a distorted magic-induced time and space shift. The land is a painted desert with a petrified forest spotted with large and bustling nomadic elf colonies.)

Twin Constructs
Rust-bucket nano and Shield-face kai. A regular pair of shield guardians but small enough to fit in a doorway, and hover.

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