PC: Boggis

Name: Boggis
Player: Touchpad
Details: Halfling, male, mid 40s, Rogue (Thief)

Boggis is a dark haired innocent looking halfling in his mid 40s. He is wearing a dark cape with leather armor underneath. In his belt he has one dagger and one short sword. On his back underneath his cape he has a hand crossbow.

Boggis isn’t an evil person, he isn’t stealing because he likes it, he steals because he can, and he’s good at it. He’s in general going for the “Rules are good as long as it’s HIS rules.”

[Coming Soon]

The room Boggis has bought is a fairly modest room, no windows, the only noticeable thing in this room is a desk, and a chair standing behind the desk. From this room Boggis is starting a Thieves guild.


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