PC: Lady Sindle Malbec-Amakiir

Name: Lady Sindle Malbec-Amakiir
PlayerTag: FreeHuggles
Details: Wood Elf, Female, 200 years old, Warlock
TitlesThe Last of the Malbec clan, 

Sindle is a Wood Elf, short of stature standing only at 5ft4inches. She has long dark Walnut colours locks that are tied into a plait that hangs to the centre of her back. She has a vicious looking scar running down the side of her face down past her ear.  

She is wearing expensive well-made clothing, well taken care off but it is by no means new. She no longer wears the armour she once fought in, but had a black cloak with her family sigil emblazed on it.

She carries no weapons at all save a small dagger, not one you would use in a fight but a more ornamental. It has a Amethyst gems inlaid to the hilt and has etching along the blade, upon inspection the etchings are Elven script meaning ‘Family before self’.

 Personality (traits, flaws, ideals, bonds)
Very Early on the she was taught to protect her clan and to work with the other parts of the family both on the battlefield or at home to ensure they Malbec clan and those that they were entrusted the safety of were safe. No special decompensation was given because she was a Lady of the Malbec clan but she became renowned within the clan for not flinching in the heat of battle no matter what they were facing. As a lady, she of course is never wrong.

Sindle was the youngest of 7 and the only girl, whilst her brother was expected to bear the brunt of lordship she was still treated and trained as if she would be the taking over, her days were spent training to fight and learning the ways of the pact. Her Clan has recently been destroyed and she is now the last standing member of the Malbec Clan after an Army of Frost Giants Desiccated everything and everyone in Malbec (the town where the Malbec Clan lived)

Falcon called Hyrak. Hyrak is a majestic grey Falcon with purple flecks on his wings

Sindle is looking to find some semblance of meaning since the annilition of her clan. It has been two years since her clan was wiped out and everything she had been taught and trained for is now gone. She seeks to understand the requirements of her benefactor, the Demi-god who saved her, that gave her, her magic, but has yet to ask for anything in return.

No Armour but she has a black cloak with Her clan Sigel stitched into the back of the hood, when she speaks the words, “let the clan guide me in the darkness” the inner lining of the hood glows and sheds out a dim light radiating from just behind her.

Malbec Greatsword
Sindles father’s sword was since repaired. It is a jet black Great sword made of Noirore a rare metal and difficult to work with. The sword itself has a black and red hilt with the Malbec emblem on. At the top of the blade where the blade meets the hilts there are eight names scratched into the blade. Her father’s sword is the family sword of the Malbec clan and has been handed down from generation to generation. This has been wielded by the leader of the Malbec clan for centuries. This sword is known to be particularly effective against Giants. It is a Giant Slayer Greatsword.

Malbecs Lock box
Sindle has a lock box where she keeps anything of value. This is a rectangular dark wood box, that looks very unassuming. It doesn’t look to have a lock on the box just a simple catch. There is a Malbec emblem in the centre of the lid. If someone than Sindle was to open the box they are greeted with an empty box. When Sindle places her hand on the box, a small pin extends into her hand and confirms this is Sindle utilising blood magic. When she opens the box, she also sees an empty box, but as she reaches into the box, what she is reaching for appears in her hand.

Wyvern Ring
A ring worn on her right hand. It is a ornately Carved Wyvern bone ring with elvish script which says “from the southern forests to the northern mountains I’ll remain by your side.”

Sindle has had a room made on the outskirts of the Clearing in one of the larger trees.  It is made of a Knaer Wood ordered by Sirrad Keldring.

A rope ladder invites you up, and as you reach the top there is a trap door on which is engraved in silver the Malbec family crest. You enter on to small balcony, with some cushions on a small bench on the right, and a barrel to collect rainwater in on the left. The door is narrow and has a tiny diamond window set high in it. The walls are made of knaer wood, and blend beautifully in to the tree.

As you enter the treehouse proper, just inside the door to the left is another water barrel next to a small cast iron wood stove and chimney, patched together from parts of other stoves, on top of which is a battered but functional teakettle. Cooking pots and frying pans hang from pegs on the wall above the barrel. Some chopped wood is stacked around the stove and above it is a small window, covered in a bright multicoloured curtain.There is a chair at a desk on which are quills, ink and paper.. Above the desk are shelves made of sideways wine boxes nailed to the wall, in which are stored books and maps. There are a few patched cushions stacked in a pile in the corner for sitting on and a threadbare green rug fills the middle of the floor, safely away from the stove. To the left of the door are more wooden wine boxes nailed sideways to the wall to serve as shelves, with two put together to make a counter at a workable height. On the counter are cutting boards and cutlery, and all the boxes are stacked with dishes, spices, herbs and dried food. The space is used efficiently, with everything finding a place to be put away in.

Between the counter and the cushions is a small narrow door leading to the bedroom. The bedroom is tiny, a bed pressed against the wall to the left, filling the space from end to end.is covered in a beautiful patchwork bedspread and two pillows. Directly across from the door is a wardrobe, a simple structure of a drawer at the bottom and large closet with a brown curtain covering the front. There are more recycled shipping boxes on top of the wardrobe, and a few under the bed for storage. Along the right wall is another small window, again covered in a multicoloured curtain, and above the bed is a large skylight that can be propped open like the other windows. A curtain has been laid across this window as well, secured by two lengths of string on either side so it can be opened and closed. On the wall over the bed hangs tacked to the wall a large and beautiful silk scarf, dyed in a rainbow of colours.

The tree grows through the middle of these rooms and forms part of the dividing a wall. Divots have been carved in to the tree and filled with earth to grow common herbs used in cooking. The house smells of fresh wood, the herbs in the planters and a faint scent of sandalwood.




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