PC: Alaerith Brightwing

Name: Alaerith Brightwing
Player: StarryNight

To most people, Allie is quite the sight to behold – pale blue skin, eyes the color of amethysts, hair which color seems to be constantly changing, large wings on her back, a tail that never seems to stop moving, and scales that shine like diamonds in the sun, every color of the rainbow.

At current, she’s stuck with her scales for armor, and her claws, teeth, and spells as weapons. She intends to buy some proper equipment once they reach the next town.

Flaws: Too innocent for her own good. Not very street-smart. A little clumsy when it comes to controlling her tail.

Positive Traits: Kind and doesn’t judge others by appearance. Happy-go-lucky, and almost always has a smile on her face.

Created as a companion to a lonely Primordial Dragon, Alaerith Brightwing was brought into this world. Raised in a sheltered existence by her “father”, she maintained the naive and innocent demeanor of a child, taught to respect all those around her, and not to judge by appearances.

There are downsides to such a life, however. She knows very little of the current world outside the Wyverntooth Isle. She knows more of herself, her father, and the island’s unique flora and fauna than those that inhabit the rest of the world, though she has read about the various inhabitants of the Mainland from her father’s vast library, though not as much as she would had she grown in the Empire, as her father’s books of Elaran society date from times immemorial to just before the war ended.

Alaerith passed the more unpleasant-weathered days by reading, and learned not only of Elara but of magic and strategies for battle, for among her father’s documents and atlases, there were many spellbooks and battle plans from the wars, collected over time by her father’s numerous flights off the island. From them, she has gained the skills of manipulating the Ether and the tides of battle, and only when she demonstrates her ability to protect herself will her father allow his Great Treasure, hisĀ Al’aerith, to leave the island.

Now, having lived for countless years, practicing her magic and ability to defend herself every day, her father has finally deemed Alaerith ready to explore the world beyond the secluded isle, but little does she know, the world she knows from the documents has changed greatly since they were written, and of the prejudice and fear that will be directed toward her upon her arrival in the Empire…

She is currently traveling Elara with her newfound friends, Waltom, Pug, Fern, Fern’s brother Phineas, and Nazdrak. She has also made friends with the Spectral Cat, Chessie, and hopes Chessie will join them on their journeys together.

Skills and Strategies
Allie, though skilled in magic, prefers to see if she can talk her way out of a hostile situation, and will only retaliate if attacked first. However, she is very possessive of her friends, so if you hurt one of them, watch out! You may have a very angry Aetherian chasing you, fireball at the ready, with your name on it!

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