PC: Alistair Arct

Name: Alistair Arct
Player: Stormthedksnub
Age: 25
Race: Human

Equipment and Size: Alistair is very burly human male he stands 6’5″ weighing 250lbs on his person at all times is his trusty Dwarven Shield he got from his Adoptive dad and a very large battle hammer he uses with one hand he can be seen wearing a set of special made dwarven plate made specifically made to fit his body.

Backstory: Alistair was raised in a small dwarven mining community after being adopted from an orphanage in pearlside some many years ago he lived learned and became a dwarf in every right but his height.

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  • 27th August 2016 at 12:23 am

    Died on the 25th of August, having his head lopped off by a gnome barbarian.

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