PC: Anand Gloryhammer

Twitch Handle: Stormthedksnub
Name: Anand Gloryhammer
Race: Mountian Dwarf
Class: Devotion Paladin of Torm

Anand Gloryhammer is a practical yet Happy dwarf with a penance for loving his god too much and helping people to often he is a rather stocky man standing at a giant 4’5″ weighing in at a total of 250lbs of pure dwarven resolve he tends to be more on the Helpful side except for when it comes to Giants. Anand has a hatred for Giants only surpassed by his Gods chosen Sindle Malbec who he was send to aid from his Order.

On his person is his ever shining pendant of Torm. His Chainmail and a warhammer he calls Therak (Oath Hammer) and his worn shield. His grayish black hair would only be outshined by his elegantly groomed beard.

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