PC: Andhax “Darkblade” Hellcaster

Name: Andhax Hellcaster (‚ÄĚDarkblade”)

Player: AnAverageRogue

Details: Tiefling Variant, male, 36, Warlock

Concept: A ruthless scythe welder, and the resident drunkard. He’s made for combat, and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty.

Personality: Rough, usually not interacting with people, but always taking the chance to crack a dark joke.

A red Tiefling, looking human with demonic blood. His eyes are almost pure black, shining like obsidian with a strange deep glare. He wears a tattered black cloak, covered in necromancy gear and other little nicknacks. He has red and black hair, as if died at the end, and is usually a mess. His otherwordly patron appears as a small transparent black and red dragon, occasionally becoming a dark, see through copy of him.

Background: He grew up being taught to be a warlock, before his town and his people went into war, all over a single person. He worked with his squadron for most the war, acting as a ruthless front linesman, using spells and his deadly abilities with a scythe to break through the enemy lines. He was part of a war for almost seven years, before he left, and began traveling randomly, doing whatever came to mind, even teaching a young Wolf-folk.

Abilities: He is adept magic, especially in the fields regarding Fire or shadow work, And knows a handful in Runework. Although completely colorblind, and almost blind, He can see A person’s aura, with the faint outline of their figure.

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  • 5th September 2016 at 12:15 pm

    Died on the 3rd of September after being blown off the shoulder of a titan.

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