PC: Andulia “Andi” OwlSpeaker

Character Name: Andulia “Andi” OwlSpeaker
Player: (on Discord) KaylinSilverfurr
Details: Wood Elf, female, 150 years old, Druid (Circle of the Land; Forrest)

Appearance/ Equipment:
6 feet, copper skin, deep natural black waist length hair usually tied back in three braids. Leaf green eyes. Usually dressed in various tanned leathers of greens and browns, decorated with various owl symbols. Back is tattooed with a large tribal style owl from shoulders down to her waist (when visible).
She carried a simple weapon (Staff that has been carved with an owl on it), a scimitar, leather armor, explorer’s Pack and a druidic focus (a small wooden votive carving of an owl with wings outstretched).

Personality: Because of her Outlander background, Andulia is almost feral; cautious, observant and tends to stay within the comforts of the woods, but contains the graces that the elven people are known for. She places no stock in well-mannered folks, but knows when to offer hospitality to weary travellers. She can labour a grudge and remembers every insult thrown at her, usually nursing a silent resentment towards those who have wronged her.

Magic Items: None (yet.)

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