PC: Aringard

Player: Nickvenom21

Name: Aringard

Gender: Male

Age: 19 (young adult)

Race: Dragonborn (gold heritage)

Class: Sorcerer (Draconic bloodline[brass])

Concept: Magic Tinkerer

Personality: Calm for the most part, he easily loses himself in any task that he finds interesting, especially if it’s hands-on interaction. Socially inept, he tends to accidentally offend other races and/or their culture. As such, he’s learned to choose his words very carefully, and does his best to ensure he’s in good terms with everyone. He considers most people to be acquaintances unless he’s spent many moons learning about them, and often downplays his own work, saying he “can always do better”.

Appearance: Clothed in a rust-brown cloak, Aringard stands at 6’8″. He’s covered in murky-brass scales, thanks to his bloodline taking over his sorcerous abilities. His facial expressions rest on a seemingly bored look, thanks to a squished-in snout from what used to be triangular. His eyes are a rust-red, and he has a few short head fringes in the place of hair. He keeps his modesty in check with a set of leather clothes, and keeps himself light on his feet.

Abilities: A natural sorcerer from birth, Aringard has quickly proven himself talented to the elders of his clan. He relies on many fire-based spells due to his bloodline, and always keeps a couple illusion cantrips on standby. He recently started looking into constructs and tinkering in general, and hopes to add the skills from there into his collection of achievements.

Equipment: Extra cloak (reddish-orange in color), spare set of leather undergarments, pair of daggers, crystal bauble (Arcane focus), simple bedroll, mess kit, explorer’s pack.

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