PC: Arisillion “Ari”

Name: Arisillion (“Ari”)
Player: Munkifluff
Details: Half-elf, male, late 50’s, Rogue

Appearance/Equipment: Standing at six-foot-two, Ari is dressed in travel-worn blue
leathers, with an embossed design of flame running up his left side
from his ankle to his shoulder. He has hair the colour of straw, with
a beard showing the first signs of white creeping through. Upon his
back he carries a canvas backpack, and ridding his hips are a pair of
twin, curved daggers.

Personality: Quick to laugh, Ari will always try to joke his way out of a
situation, preferring to accept insult to fighting. He is fond of wine
and would rather drink to your health than cause offense.

Magic Items

Ring: A parting gift from Ari’s mother before she returned to the
elven homeland that shunned her child, the Ring of Shadows allows Ari
to travel through any patch of darkness, once per day to another
shadow, no more than 10′ away.

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