PC: Aron Blackwood

Name: Aron Blackwood
Player: Ziggieziggs
Race: Half-elf
Class: Ranger
Details: Male, early 30’s

Aron stands at 6 feet 2, slightly muscular build, wearing a long Brown coat with Some green accents. He wears Brown hunting trousers with black boots.
He has semi-long straight blond hair and dark green eyes. On his back he carries his bow but he has no quiver. On his thigh is a little dagger. Around his neck he wears a small locket resembling a lilly.

Aron is a very gentle and caring person, even though he might not look like it he has a big heart. He is always ready to help anyone in need even of it means dead.

Magic item:
Bow: nature’s echo: the bow is made from the tallest tree in the northern Parts. It’s a Well made bow with few ornaments resembling branches. The bow is filled with arcane energy allowing the user to fire the bow without arrows. Is doen so it looks like a burst of flower petals.

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