PC: Arwa Reem Isi

Name: Arwa Reem Isi
Player: R0guerabbit
Details: Human, female, 22 years old, bard

A bard that uses her charm to enthrall her victims, using distractions and wit to get her way.
Always  on the road, looking for the next sweet plunder and with no inhibitions stealing from those better off.
When in the presence of this vixen, keep a close eye on your valuables.

As a child of a rich merchant and a concubine, Arwa grew up in the brothel with her mother and the help of the women which worked there. But just after Arwa turned twelve her mother became sick and succumbed to the illness, leaving her without a home or means of income. Not wanting to become a concubine herself, Arwa sought to feed herself in other ways, pick pocketing and stealing. One day, a circus came to town, the beautiful dancers and sword swallowers peaking her interests. With no means of paying for a ticket, she sneaked backstage and made friends with one of the dancers, making herself useful and tagging along the band of artists with questionable alignements. She soon learned about their side business, using the distraction of the show to strip the audience of valuables as they went from city to city, never returning to the same one.

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