PC: Ava Thojifur

Name: Ava Thojfur
Player: WheninRome66
Details: Human, Female, Early 20s, Ranger

Ava Thojfur does not have the best of first impressions. Standing five foot three inches, she’s not going to win any intimidation battles, unless against a gnome or halfling. However, her build and the way she holds herself speaks differently. She has an air of confidence around her and she seems well at ease in her own body. Her skin is tan and weathered for a person of her age, as if she has not spent much time indoors. Not the cleanest or most composed of folk, her hair is tied back in a mohawk of braids that are near dreads and reek of filth and ill-treatment. The color of said hair is questionable, though you believe you see pops of a sandy brown beneath the grime and what might also be blood. Though the rest of her may be a bit grimey, her leather armor looks well-oiled and maintained and a mottle of greens, grays and browns make up the rest of her wardrobe. At her side, a simple mace, though the tips look dulled from use and at her back a quiver full of arrows and an unstrung longbow. If you find a way to make it past this mess of a person and look at her face, you fill find dull green eyes, and a plain face, somewhat entirely forgetable.

Ava is not a very deep individual. With goals on survival and a fairly brutish demeanor, some might mistake her for a barbarian. She is quick to judge and short of temper, messy and ill-mannered. Sometimes acting more child than adult and more animal than human. She’s curious about the natural world and can be viewed as a bit odd by others of a more learned stature. She enjoys hobbies that keep her fingers and thoughts occupied, such as manipulating coins with slight of hand, or fletching and constructing arrows. As these activities help her with not remembering the daydreams of drowning that she sometimes slips into. As for her regular dreams, well lets just say this girl sleeps like a rock. On the topic of gender, it could not be said that Ava is “girly”. Her hair’s a mess because she doesn’t know how to take care of it, her nail beds are full of grime and blood and look as though they haven’t been cleaned in ages and she cannot say that she has ever worn a garment that didn’t include pants. However all of this doesn’t mean that she’s not personable with other humanoids, she’s friendly enough, but she’s easily gullible and so being burned more than once, looks at everything with an untrustworthy eye.

Ava spent much of her childhood on the streets, her parents long dead from some sweeping disease that ran its course through the poor of the city. She didn’t mourn them though, how could she? She barely knew they existed, if not for the fact that she lived as proof. She stole and lied and in her heart of hearts wanted to become a proper thief and join the guild. Yet, that would not come to pass. When she was 11, war came to city she lived in. War that she had nothing to do with, but affected her all the same. Her city fell and she found herself running for her life from some undead construct. A tumble from a ledge ended with her nearly drowning in the adjacent river until she fell unconscious on top of some floating debris.
Some miles down the river, she was fished out by a female ranger, who took her in. Ava was taken on as an apprenticed and lived out her teenage years fairly uneventfully. When she was 21, an argument with her mentor lead her to wander into the nearby city alone. After drinking a little too much in a nearby tavern she was kidnapped and sold to a slaver ship. When she woke, she found herself bound and gagged with a hood over her head. Buckets of water were poured over her head as the mistress of the slave ship sought to break her spirit or perhaps have just a little bit of fun, Ava was never sure.
The slaver’s ship was shipwrecked halfway through the journey and once again Ava was tossed into an unforgiving body of water, only just managing to make it to shore. She woke the next morning after a sharp pinch on the nose notified her that she was in a crab’s way and he took offense to it. The sand around her showed no sign of the mistress, but there were dead bodies of the crew and a few half conscious ones as well, though she quickly took care of that mistake. Collasping once again with exhaustion, Ava dreamed of her mentor and the idle thought that she would die crossed her mind.

When she woke next she was in the wing of a large Temple of a god she was not familiar with. Pleasantly surprised to not be dead, she endeavored to help these folks with whatever assistance they needed. She joined a small adventuring band and did what needed to be done. This continued for a couple of years until she decided to once again set out on her own. Hopefully this time with a bit less kidnapping and dreaded water involved.

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