PC: Belphazor “Bell”

Name: Belphazor “Bell”
Player: belphazor(Twitch), FaRayne(Discord)
Details: Halfling(lightfoot), male, 33, rogue

Standing at a proud 2″10′ and weighing in at approximately 24 lbs, this Halfling thief sports a translucent white reversible satin cloak inlaid with umbra black. He has almond shade skin and his eyes shine bright blue like the moon on a cloudless night and his fair gray hair seems evanescent as it disappears behind the hood he keeps pulled so terribly close. The rest of his attire seems paltry in comparison, a simple dusty gray tunic and black sash adorn his torso, a small Athame held tightly against his gut, of which he refers to as Anathema. He wears shorts that match his tunic and tight-fitted black boots.

Despite his fair and elegant appearance, he’s quite the chatterbox. He loves to talk and make light of the problems his peers face. Although that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. He simply practices the belief that “As soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul”. He tries not to be a jerk, but alas is oftentimes misunderstood. This leaves him with many superficial friendships and relationships; he doesn’t understand why he doesn’t feel close with many, try as he might to make friends. So he continues what he does oblivious to the cause of the permanent distance he has between him and others.

He was born and raised alongside his mother in a small group of Halflings that took up a Nomadic lifestyle. His father took off on his own shortly after conception, leaving little to nothing for him and his mother as far as financial stability go. He was raised relying on the charity of family friends and strangers who felt pity towards the two of them. The rest of his “tribe” attempted to teach him a trade he could rely on in order to support himself and his mother, but alas, he was less than inept at all of them. Due to his misfortune at having no reliable coin-earning skills, he took up the only other method he knew of: Theft. He kept it a secret from everyone, including his mother. He stole as they travelled, explaining the sudden influx of coin as his newfound profession as a street performer. Since all halflings have some relative proficiency at acrobatics and the like, his mother never questioned it and allowed her son to continue. Eventually, through the power of spoken word and rumors, her mother came to the conclusion herself. She had figured the rumors of a short thief in every town she had been visiting ever since her son started his job as a street performer was pretty conclusive and searched his wares. She found his outfit and dagger and confronted him, to which they argued before he left on his own.

His current goal is none other than to amass enough wealth to assist those that cannot assist themselves, as he was once in the same position himself. He hopes to run across his father some day, but with as large as the world is he doesn’t get his hopes up too high.

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  • 10th July 2016 at 10:28 am

    Died on the 9th of July due to having his head lopped off by a gnome barbarian.

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