PC: Bodhesdir

Name: Bodhesdir

Player: Coolguy6422

Bodhesdir is a rich Elf that is 20 years old. His background is that he’s is this cocky rich kid that thinks everyone should bow down to him and if people don’t do as he says, he expelled them “A.K.A hire a mercenary to kill the person”.

He 5’5” and he looks like a king with a Golden Crown and a Yellow & Red robe.

A Golden Sword to match his Golden Crown and has Iron Armor to protect himself and some Spyglasses that he keeps for a Unknown reason

Personality & Concept:
He is very Judgmental and as said previously people that talk about him behind his back get Expelled.

He comes from a long line of Royalty but he doesn’t say what line of royalty.

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