PC: Brynja

Name: Brynja
Age: 10 year
Class: Rogue
Race: Human Variant “Child”

Brynja is a a snotty nose brat with a vulgar mouth and the taste for gold she carries with her a map of her home city. She has on her back a shortbow. She wears small little leather chest plate that has rabbit drawn on it. In her backpack is a little bag of fruit and building blocks and a small dippy cup full of ale. She has two of them a pink and purple. Easily angered when handed the wrong cup.

Companion: Ratatoskr the Squirrel
Ratatoskr is a squirrel that Brynja saved from a pair of Giant rats on the streets of Stonehaven it came with her to tavern and until now has stayed put in her backpack living off acorns. Ratatoskr’s a bright orange red colored squirrel with a scar under his right eye that matches Brynja scar on the left and they are best friends you couldn’t split them apart of needed.”

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