PC: Calanon Lithaldoren

Name: Calanon Lithaldoren
Player: StarryNight
Race: Moon Elf
Hair: Dark Blue
Eyes: Green with gold flecks
Age: 125
Class: Fighter – Eldritch Knight

Calanon has short dark blue hair, sparkling green eyes, markings on his face, and a gleaming smile. He wears a light brown trenchcoat patched with the sigil of the Sige Suoress Guard on one sleeve, a green tunic, chainmail, and a claw necklace around his neck, carries a longsword and shield, and a crossbow and bolt pouch on his back. He seems to carry a hip flask of elven wine with him most times. He insists it’s for disinfecting wounds, but if you watch him closely, you may catch him sneaking a couple sips…

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