PC: Cassandra Von Eulehaus

Name: Cassandra Von Eulehaus
Player: ZephyriLaBelle
Details: Wood elf, Female, early 20s, Cleric

Short at 4’11 with long dark brown hair the color of oak wood, braided down her back. Her eyes are strange, with a dark blue outer rim bleeding into a sharp light green around the pupil. However this is equally strange with the large bifocals that cover her eyes making her look a bit like a bug.

She wears oversized robes that drag behind her when she walks, giving the impression that they aren’t hers.

On the one hand, Cassandra is a book worm constantly traveling and searching for knowledge. When she meets new people, she is quick to bombard them with questions. She is helpful in the fact that she also likes to share her own knowledge.

Cassie is what happens when her bifocals fall off. Bold and adventurous she likes to let her hair down, take a few drinks and play cards. The polar opposite of the book worm. She loves to show off and wants to adventure to learn.

Magic Item:
The Library. In her pack is a tent where all her books that she has collected remain in a room that’s bigger on the inside. (Think the tents from Harry potter) There is a small study and desk and a small two story room filled with all the things she’s collected, her copious notes from her travels.

When the tent is pitched it takes up roughly 10 feet and stands rather tall. Anyone can walk into the tent once it’s been set up.

Once inside the room goes up about 20 feet high and is lit by many little fairie fires that float around. In front of her desk is a place to sit and talk to her when she doesn’t feel like coming out.

The outside of the tent is treated to not easily catch on fire and to not let water inside. If the tent is destroyed all the contents have a 50% chance of being expelled or destroyed. Any living creature inside gets expelled if the tent is put down or destroyed.

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