Cathrinn Lovejoy

Name: Cathrinn Lovejoy
Player: Nidair
Details: A 33 year old human
Concept: A skald gifted a small amount of holy power

Cathrinn looks pale, which in combination with a stitched up cut from
her mouth to the end of her left cheek, gives her an eerie appearance.
She sports dark brown hair barely reaching her neck, usually unkempt,
looking lifeless. What is strange about her is a patch on her belly
being off-color, though she is reluctant about revealing it.
Other than her padded leather armor, she favors softer fabrics. A black
silk shirt is accompanied by a skirt or matching pants, and a dark long
coat completes her look, together with heavy black boots.

No matter if the world around her crumbles or not, Cathrinn will always
retain her courage and will. She always wants to live down another
experience, whether it be to climb the highest building she can see or
to perform in front of more than a hundred people. This does not mean
she is careless, though she has the habit of taking more than she can
chew. Nonetheless, normally she is lively and cheery, even in the heat
of battle, but at the mention of her past her mood can turn around in a

Magic items:
Wolfbane – A steel greatsword with the blade thickening near the
crossguard, and the emblem of a shield on it. It is said that an
overconfident knight set to fight werewolves with it thinking it would
protect him from their bites. Unfortunately for him, it will only aid
with offense.
Quiver of Unmardyrom – This green quiver, decorated with gold elven
designs, has three orifices connecting to the same space, but each of
them actually grants access to a different space, thus the quiver can
hold three times the amount of items it appears to be able to.


Blood drain: A willing ally can give Cathrinn blood in order to close her wounds.

Versharma’s gift: While not being a paladin in any sense of the word, Cathrinn received some amount of divine power, and is able to restore someone else’s stamina.

Cathrinn’s other powers come in the form of weapons she can summon, at the cost of her well-being, or ‘cahoots’ as she calls it. Cross: A boomerang with spikes on the edges, but the divine energy surrounding it cause most of the harm. Flask: Holy water for killing undead Blade: A duplicate of her sword can be thrown across short distances, or used as a platform.
Other equipment:
Manacles, a pouch with stitching tools, a flute, and a fiddle.

Cathrinn had a knack for traveling to interesting places and events,
ever since she fled her home, not willing to live an uneventful life.
She raided many a dungeon and saw some of the most wondrous places in
the world. Her travels, however, ended during a battle with frosts
giants, in which she was reportedly killed and thrown into a spiked pit.
However, she has recently returned. Rumors say her love for the
privateer Firal Quickfoot could not keep her into the grave, but whether
these rumors are true or not remain to be seen.

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