PC: Cyraxis (“Rax”)

Name: Cyraxis, “Rax” to his friends
Player: TravistheRed
Details: Half elf/half orc, werewolf, male, early 20s, fighter

Rax is roughly 6 feet, 5 inches tall. He is incredibly lean for someone of his size, likely due to his elven heritage. He wears basic studded leather armor. He has tribal tattoos up and down each arm and wears his hair in a simple tribal style braid. He carries two finely crafted swords, one on each hip and a wooden shield on his back. His most distinct feature (other than his unique parentage) is a series of long claw like scars that start on his left cheek and go all the way down the left side of his face and neck.

Growing up the eldest son of his tribes Chieftain, Rax is used to being shown a certain degree of respect and can get a little upset (pissed off) when he feels he’s been disrespected in some way. That said, he is normally an amicable person unless given a reason not to be. Rax isn’t exactly used to being in “civilized” society so he can come off as rude in some social situations. He tends to be disinterested in most conflicts unless they involve him or his people. If he is angered enough to get violent, he will show very little remorse or mercy towards his opponents. He’d rather people in society not know about his “condition” for his own safety. He’s not exactly a bright individual though, so he can sometimes pick a fight even if the chances of him winning are very slim, resulting in him sometimes having to reveal his lycanthropic secret to get away alive.

Rax comes from a very unique tribe made up of many races, leading to many mixed race children, such as Rax himself. Everyone is seen to be on equal ground, regardless of race. The only universal trait amongst the tribe is they are all lycanthropes. Rax’s father Jorag is the orcish Chieftain who, after being ostracized by his own race many centuries ago, founded the tribe to create a sanctuary for those he now sees as his people. He is a hard man to please and can be rather distant towards his family but he truly cares for his family and his tribes wellbeing. Most of the the members of the tribe have come to feel grateful for their gifts and after many years of children being born and growing up as werewolves, they began to worship the god, Hircine who is said to have been the creator of lycanthropy. Rax’s elven mother Zaleria acts as the priestess of Hircine. She is well known to be the only person capable of calming Jorag when he is angered and most of the tribe see her as a mother figure.  Rax’s younger brother Daro has a much more intellectual mind and is more likely to be seen reading or experimenting with potions than hunting with the rest of the men.

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