PC: Eco Ravengarde

Name: Eco Ravengarde
Player: unMadeMan
Details: Tiefling, Male, Mid 20’s, Rogue
Concept: Urchin Thief coming up in the big bad world…
Appearance: Young slim tiefling with a lithe frame, clothed in dark tinted boiled leather, secured with bronze buckles, over a striped short sleeve tunic. A point of pride for Eco is his oiled leather outback-style hat. His oiled leather duster, has been continuously modified over years of use to contain his various equipment or weaponry, should either be needed at a moments notice.
Equipment: Eco prefers to travel light, carrying only what he needs to for any given job. Almost always on his person, are the following:
– several lockpick sets, one of which is hidden in the lining of his hat, another in the lining of his duster.
– two twin daggers, neatly tucked into sheathes at the small of his back
When he sets out for adventure, he carries a bag with him containing rope, a bear trap, a pair of healing potions, and a hooded lantern, together with a tinderbox.
Personality: Eco is a guarded charmer, who likes to keep the focus on other people rather than himself. He covets what other people have, and will often go out of his way to help the down-trodden.
Family/Childhood: Eco grew up outside of Grayshallow Isle in a place called Ravengarde, specially in the an area of the slums that housed a ruined Temple to Siris, goddess of Fate.

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