PC: Ellien “Rabbit” Dagon

Name: Ellien “Rabbit” Dagon
Player: Kistella
Details: Elf/Female/Age 70/4’8″/ Bard/Rouge

The first thing most people see of her is the bunny mask she wears covering her face. Around her neck are two necklaces looking almost the same, one with a blue gem and one with a red gem She wears a red hood attached to a coat with sleeves too long for her arms. The coat it’s self it a bit longer on her, covering the top part of her red high-low skirt. There is a black and gold pelt around her waist holding a few different bags and pouches, as well as a sheath on each side for her Rapiers.Lastly is the black backpack she keeps with her.

In belt pouches- Eat wear, 1 bag of marbles, 2 Flasks of oil, a Tinderbox, 2 small healing potions, 1 anti-toxin, A water skin, A small bag of Crystal dust, A flute, and her two Rapiers
In backpack-Bedroll, 10 feet of strong, 5 candles, A hooded lantern, a spyglass, an Extra set of clothes, 2 whet stones, a book, a quill. 2 vials of ink.
Personality & Concept:
Rabbit is very happy go lucky. When things start looking bleek, she is the first to jump around, singing or telling jokes. She is always looking for the fun in the world. She can be a bit naive and personal when talking to people. Having a habit of asking too many questions to people has gotten her into a good amount of trouble in the past. This is all a lie. It is much easier for her to put on her mask and keep up this happy, fake version of her self, then for her to try and deal with the mix of feelings that come from every day life. She  takes things pretty harshly, even when they are not meant to be.
History: Ellien was born as a twin. Growing up, her twin Eloise better at everything. Sword work, Archery, cooking, reading, there was not anything she was not better at. ” Keep up with your sister.” Ellien was always told. ” why don’t you try harder? Like Eloise.” Eloise was always very kind to her sister. Trying to help her in any way she could. But nothing changed.  Eloise be came the bright shining star of their town, and Ellien was only the sadness sitting in her sisters shadow. Even when Ellien finally caught up to Eloise in skill, Nothing changed. One day Eloise and Ellien went on a hunting trip alone. Eloise explained that she had an idea. If they switched places, no one would no. Then Ellien would be treated better. All Ellien would have to do is be happier. Every chance they got to go hunting, Ellien would practice with her sister. How to keep up a good smile, how to keep people happy and laughing. Ellien was getting pretty good at it, when one of their hunting trips went wrong. As hard and Ellien tries, she can’t remember all of what happened. She can remember holding her sister who had a stab wound  in her chest. Her sister telling her to run. And Ellien did that. She ran, and ran till her feet couldn’t carry her any more.

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