PC: Eureekee McGhee

Name: Eureekee McGhee

Player: MeditatingMunky

Details: Gnome, Male, Middle Aged, Wizard (Illusionist)

Appearance: Grey/White Hair with a scruffy beard and a nice mustache! Usually wears Green, Earth toned Robes, Brown pants, a pair of Goggles with neon green lens, and is kind of a pack rat… Sometimes wears a funny hat, but only if he is going somewhere and is very determined to get there fast… don’t ask why…

A Hand Crossbow with bolts, A Spell book, Spell Components, Robes, Pants, Funny Hat, Goggles, Lot’s of shiny things, a bag, some tools (crowbar, bells, whistles, Tent, bedroll, etc, HE IS A PACK RAT, and I don’t even think he knows what he has in there) Random Potions even HE doesn’t know what they are, All sorts of random tinker items, most crafted by either him or his Grandfather, and a few he has earned a five finger discount to possess.

Personality & Concept:
Eureekee is a very amusing and peculiar character, a prankster at heart, but he also has a soft side. He adores anyone who he thinks is funny, be it personality or appearance, but even more so, he loves Dwarves! Mainly because they are funny looking and smell like ale and old farts, but also because he has found lost things in their beards before, such as a small songbird. Once meeting a new Dwarven man, he will almot always give a quick search of their beard for any random loot. He also loves Dwarves because they are so darn gullible. Eureekee has a weakness for nerdy girls, and has an everlasting love for small woodland creatures, especially monkeys!

Eureekee has a large large family, and most of them do not speak to each other. His father was a man who shared beds with many woman, and Eureekee never actually met the dashing fellow, but his Mother raised him along with twelve others. Eureekee was always the curious child, and spent most of his time with his Grandfather, helping him with his tinkering projects. When Eureekee was but a young lad, his Grandfather left one evening to seek out a hidden location to begin his newest project in which he calls “The most amazingly awesomest invention I have been working my whole life to create!” It is now Eureekee’s life goal to track his Grandfather down and see what this invention is, and to see if he needs any help completing it..

As far as Eureekee is concerned, his Childhood is a life long adventure, and he refuses to let go of it.

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