PC: Garret Undertree

Name: Garret Undertree
Player: EncounterJoshua
Details: Halfling, male, 43, rogue
TitlesMaster BlackwoodKing of MurkGlowCouncillor UndertreeThe Scarred Man

Garrett is a 6ft4 halfling thanks to some wild magic. His hair is combed back in a no nonsense business mans style, with grey flecks streaking through the black. His face is covered with a black full face mask. It has a white outline of a blackened willow tree starting upwards from the chin and the branches curl in swirling patterns around the eyes and cheeks. The tree has wreathes of fire behind it that spread from the mouthpiece. His clothing is upon casual inspection a black suit jacket with coat tails and matching trousers. A hood shrouds his face from the light and his boots give no hint to his passing. However, his clothing is armored subtly with a studded leather inlay and his pair of cruel curved demonic kukri short swords are ever hidden under the guise of his finery.

A prominent political figure in his home town of Rocky Green (East of Morash in Eyegem), Garrett tricked, lied and manipulated his way to the top of the town Council. He exploited the power vacuum left in the wake of a bandit attack and was asked to be Mayor but declined, saying “While my roots will remain with you fine people, this community has become stifling. I plan to make my mark in the world.” He is still a well liked, if unconventional man of influence in his region. Devious and deadly. He like’s to have a plan, but can also think on his feet. Whilst many dislike his methods, he is undeniably a force to reckoned with.

Garrett wielded a considerable amount of influence in his town after they drove back the bandits that had moved in. He used the time to effectively erase most of his past from the town records. All except for a small bound leather book which he keeps with him at all times…

As with his childhood, little is known outside Rocky Green of Garretts family, other than his mothers death changed him. His two brothers and his father are known to be dead as well, though the accounts of how they died are sketchy at best. Goals – Many people have examined Garrett Undertrees rise to power with some interest, but one thing remains unclear. Is he selfish and power hungry or selfless and a visionary? Or is he simply something…else?

Soft soled black boots, that mask every footstep and impose silence upon even the creakiest floorboard.

Cloak of Displacement

Black leather gloves.

The mask of The Scarred Man inspires fear in the hearts of anyone unfortunate enough to meet it’s gaze. Some say that if you’re paying attention, you can see smoke as Garrett exhales, like a dragon ready to burn all in its path.

The armour of Garrett is subtle and mimics the finery of a man of wealth and power, but underneath it conceals instruments of death.

Demonic Kukri’s – A pair of bloodthirsty short swords with sadistic curved blades that are forged from the blackest of steel.

A bound book with reptilian leather coverings.
Ring of Translation allows him to understand Draconic and Infernal.
Ring of Telekenisis

An office with many books and a small bunk. There is a cabinet full of strange devices and mementos. A large desk sits backed by a window that looks out over The Clearing and many maps adorn the walls. The room is guarded by two men wearing black armour. They never speak, never sleep and never leave their post, but they will deny entry to anyone who is not permitted to enter. They bear the Blackwood Sigil on their breastplates and wield glaives. Who or what they are remains a mystery…



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  • 9th October 2016 at 3:22 pm

    Died on the 7th of October, disintegrated by an ancient blue dragon’s breath. Is this finally the end of Blackwood’s leader, or will he rise once more?

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