PC: Gnoman the Barbarian

Name: Gnoman the Barbarian
Player: Sevv_09
Details: Male, gnome, barbarian

A small figure appears before your, however for a gnome he stands at four feet tall. You would swear if he put on weight he could be mistake for a dwarf. His long blonde hair falls from his head framing his obviously gnome ears. His bright wide grin as he scans the room for ale, almost distracts you from the furs and leathers of a much larger beast that wrap his body hiding the many scars of battle. On his back sits what for him is a greatsword of epic size but to most is nothing more than a longsword.

If there is Ale, Women, and Stories then Gnoman is at home. He is rash but confident in what he does and considers himself a protector of the land. Some of his traits are:

  • Self Confident
  • Careful (plans)
  • Virtuous
  • Suspicious of non-gnomes

Gnoman was the second child born to Orser (Father) and Zinxis (Mother) in a Gnomadic civilization, he was born in the wagon with no weird occurences of his birth. The second of five children, he quickly grew and took interest in the world.

During Gnoman’s childhood years he found his first bit of luck at age 10 as the only friend to an elderly Gnome female named Galyman who had no children of her own. When Galyman finally passed she left her small fortune of 40 gold pieces to Gnoman as a thanks for being there in her later years.

At age 14 Gnoman’s homeland was besieged by a terrible war from the roaming barbarians of the north (Goliaths) lead by Aggun “The Fearless” in his war against the young upstart Gnome Barbarian Vorver “The Giantslayer”. With food and living situations at a terrible condition Gnoman came down with a terrible disease nearly dying. In efforts to get her child medicine that he needed Zinxis was killed by Aggun in cold blood. While Gnoman would pull through the disease on sheer strength alone, it is now said by some healers he is immune to diseases.

At age 18 Gnoman begins with many of the other children to learn the ways of sword fighting, due to him being much bigger than most of the Gnome children he excels at the combat. This is the first time the tribe would train children because of the not too distant events of war.

As Gnoman reached adolescence he ran off from his father and siblings when there was rumors of Vorver “The Giantslayer”’s herd in a nearby Valley. While he didn’t manage to find them he returned to his kin by the eighth day.

As with many wandering civilizations the laws were lax around the encampment, at age 24 Gnoman had his first taste of booze and women. He has ever since been captivated by both to almost an addicted degree.

As with many late adolescent children, the need for them to learn a trade had come to Gnoman. He was picked to learn from his father Orser in the ways of herding and raising the different flocks of animals as they would require someone to tend them as they both got older.

At the age of 40 Gnoman finally reached adulthood in the eyes of his Gnomadic civilization. They happened to be near a large cliff so they decided to do a number of the celebrations on the cliffside. One Gnome female of exceptional energy named Eltina was up before Gnoman and she got too close to the edge plummeting to her death. Since this event, Gnoman has been terrified of heights.

Ten years into his adulthood Gnoman was content with life of his Gnomadic tribe. Rumors of a second war began to reach the tribe before Volver “The Giantslayer” himself would show up demanding that tribe provide warriors to protect the land. Each family was to send one child to the herd to be trained. Gnoman volunteered to represent his family because his other brothers were both married with children on the way.

Gnoman was assigned to the Wolf Riders a light cavalry division of the herd under Yoskas “Wolf fang”. Gnoman quickly looked up to Yoskas as a hero as he was enthralled by stories of honor and pride. Gnoman quickly learned how to find food in the most barren places, which earned him a secondary rank in the herd, and a pack of riders to lead.

During his first battle against the goliath herd from the north riding alongside Wreston his best friend from childhood the pair would slaughter many of the Goliaths on their own. Stories were told amongst the herd, that night as they drank and sung tales of glory. The Second battle to push back Aggun “The Fearless” was another great success for the herd, however while battling Aggun Gnoman would watch as Aggun would kill Wreston before retreating off into the wilderness. Gnoman would leave the herd that day to hopefully find and make Aggun pay for the lives he took.

Orser – Father

  • Animal trainer and herder for the Gnomadic tribe
  • Weird Allergy to dairy
  • When he was younger served under a patron of the healer’s guild. Learned some minor healing tricks of no magical influence. He was able to see a good portion of the world leading him to join the Gnomadic tribe
Zinxis – Mother – Deceased
  • Was a hide worker for the Gnomadic tribe.
  • Died at the hands of Aggun “The Fearless” attempting to get medicine for Gnoman
Selhani – Eldest Sister
  • Serves a patron deity of the moon
  • Has a rival named Zanziver who serves Palor. The rival is secretly in love with her and won’t tell her however aside from the two everyone sees this connection
  • Was horribly scared by a fire later in life, Gnoman doesn’t know about this.
Kelnon – Third Born Brother
  • A roguish fellow in terms of personality is as stealthy as a mammoth in a shop.
  • He is currently married to wife number 4 named Phipine
Jegrim – Fourth Born Brother
  • His only notable feature is that he once escaped being put to death for a crime he didn’t commit. He will tell you this many times on the day he meets you.
Venhana – Fifth Born Sister (youngest)
  • If you were to look up faithful in the dictionary you couldn’t be farther from Venhana. She is known to step out on her husband Nesjin who is a good man quiet frequently. There are rumors that her children aren’t Nesjin’s.


  • To find and make Aggun “The Fearless” die for the lives he has taken.
  • To once again find a feeling of community that he hasn’t know in sometime.
  • To out drink any dwarf who challenges him.


  • This large direwolf has a very mean look to it as the light almost seems to bend around it’s form. If left alone many people would think it was sent to kill them on the spot.
  • When Shadow is with and interacting with Gnoman or people he trusts he is nothing more than a loveable lap dog who enjoys playing with him.
  • This is Gnoman’s mount.

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