PC: Grot-Fang

Name: Grot-Fang
PlayerTag: Scarred Star
Details: Half-Goblin, male, early 40s, Enforcer
Titles: Green Penny

Grot-Fang is a pudgy half Goblin, standing around 5-foot-tall he dresses in fine furs and tailored shirts. He has no second thoughts about showing off his wealth but never sharing it and is quite a fan of gold and gem rings. His gut hangs over his waistband and he always has a pair of sturdy metal tipped boots. He wears a single copper coin pendant. He still has the rasping common accent of a street thug.

Personality (traits, flaws, ideals, bonds)
Grot is a greedy self-made man. He dragged himself up from the streets working loan shark/debt collector soon filling his purse. After buying a hovel and renting it to people who could not afford anything else; he now owns property in 5 cities. Grot has little pity for anyone or anything and tends to be a little heavy handed and rash in reply to people owing him money or showing him disrespect. If he doesn’t think, he can take you he knows a mercenary or two that can.

Grogs father was a goblin merchant who knocked his mother up then moved on to another city to sell his wares. Grogs mother tried to join a church but they would not let her bring a “tainted blood” into their church. She made the decision to leave him at an orphanage and join without him. He despises any form of religion and speaks of any family with a forked tongue.

Grot-Fang possesses a Small glass bottle with a cork in the top. Inside this bottle is a tiny glowing sprite called Pip. He took her as payment for debt. At first she despised him but after she became resigned to her fate they speak openly, Grot often confides with her and values her opinion.

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