PC: Gullgath

Name: Gullgath Shortwood
Player: GoodGuyPie
Details: Half Orc, fighter, Male, Mid 30s

Gullgath is on the more human looking side of the spectrum his teeth do stick out and his giant size of 6ft his hands are like tree trunks and his feet give a echoing boom as he walks. His hair is a short black his eyes a dark gray his ears stick out a little his skin is a pale green. And his muscles resemble the same as a mountain. Behind the brute look is a kind hearted smile and a gentle voice is heard when either he speaks its sounds relaxed and tired most of the time.

Gullgath a being a retired solider carries a few weapon His trusty Great sword and two hand axes he wears common brown clothing when in combat  he wears a chain mail vest other his clothing. He can normally be seen with his big back pack of supply’s which has his water canteen dangling from it as well as a small med kit and a bed roll on top.

Personality & Concept:
Gullgath is a retired solider that still adventures from time to time tho he spends most of his time looking after his sickly wife he dose work here and there to gain gold so living expensive can be covered and if times do get tough he has his savings from time in that army. As a person Gullgath is normally very friendly and enjoys a good drink he is warm company  he is very protective of his wife tho and will not stand for any rude or harsh behave to her.

There is not much to Gullgaths family due to the fact he is a half orc he spent most of his time living with his mother until he moved out to join the army she soon passed away. Gullgaths only real family left is his wife (Carron  Shortwood) who is very sickly and must rest for long periods of times.

Gullgath’s Child hood was simple he grew up with few friends the ones he did make joined him along side the in the army. He was raised by his mother to learn the basics of life like reading and writing any other life skills came later when he joined the millatry. Gullgath’s had a long time relationship with Carron ever since they was ten and they grew up together Carron did not care too much for Gullgath orc features for she enjoyed his kind hearted nature which eventually grew into love they married a few years after Gullgath retired from the army.

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