PC: Hurm

Name: Hurm
Player: Hurm
Race: Half-orc
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Class: Fighter
Appearance/Equipment: Grinning half-orc with shaggy, mussed black hair. Old chainmail hides long-healed scars that only peek from the neckline. All of his gear has seen better days. He carries a longsword, sheathed at his side. A well-worn shield hangs from the back on his pack.

Family: The only family he talks about were his brothers-in-arms, and it never seems to be in the present tense.

Childhood: Raised by his single mother in a small town. He was bullied as a child, until he grew strong enough to defend himself. Joined the local militia to find his place in the world, and forged the strongest bonds he has ever known.

Goals: Gather enough power to murder the man whose willful ineptitude caused the slaughter of his battalion.

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