PC: Icarium

Name: Icarium
Player: Flamingkilla
Details: Half orc, male, 28, cleric

Icarium is a 7ft tall Half-Orc with Grey/Olive green skin with grey eyes and jet black hair. He is very muscular but lithe and agile, traits he gained from his Elf mother. His right tusk is long and large and the left would be a match for it apart from the end quarter having been broken off during a ritual initiation, Icarium has pointed ears and sharp eyes that he inherited from his mother as well. He has a rugged, rough but somewhat handsome look despite more of his orcish heritage showing through than his elf heritage. He wears scale mail armour over his well worn tunic and pants, at his side rests a nasty looking mace that has clearly seen use in defense as well as a shield strapped to his back that is inscribed with the symbol of Pelor.

Icarium, although intimidating at first due to his appearance, is a kind soul that wishes to help all those in need of his services. He is an optimistic person who believes that everyone’s individual beliefs are just and to be respected. He also believes that no matter who you are and your initial path in life you can find sanctuary and the path of light and redemption if you follow Pelor’s guidance.

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