PC: Inugo Montana

Name: Inugo Montana
Player: belphazor (Twitch), FaRayne (Discord)
Details: Human, male, 22, Fighter (Battle master)

Inugo is roughly 5”7, he keeps his hazel brown hair cut to about the length of his jaw. His clothing is bright red and vibrant, accented with whites and tannish browns. His tailed, red button up shirt fits his form well, albeit not tight. His weapons include a two thin Rapiers by his side with what appears to be two thin chains wrapped around his left wrist, they make a small jingle as he walks, as well a leather longbow strapped to his back and a small light crossbow he keeps strapped into his outer thigh. He keeps with him a small pouch; inside of which is painter’s tools and a calligraphers set.

If you could describe Inugo in a few words. One might choose “Dashing”, or “Confident”, or even “Daring”. But the one word he is not… “Coward”. In his unending confidence, he struts in his walk, smiling evermore and ~winking~ at the ladies. He loves duels, especially those at the advent of a new day, or as some might call it… “A Duel at Dawn”. There’s always been a romance about them, and he finds it mystifying. Some common tropes you could pair him as would be “swashbuckler” and “Musketeer”.

To prove to himself that he can fight on par with, or even succeed, everyone else.
Magic Items
Trinket: Chain of Returning: Attached to his offhand weapon, he’s able to throw the attached weapon at a distance of 60ft away and make a bonus action to pull it back.

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