PC: Irah “Trap Lord Robinhood” Ronnen

Name: Irah ‘trap lord robbinhood’ Ronnen

Player: the_doc_of_pepper

Details: Human, male, early 21, sorcerer

Appearance/Equipment: Young man of the roads with an eyepatch and a consistently brave smile, his main goal in life it to gain the heart of the goddess bast (who has no feelings for him at all)
Two bucklers, a disguise kit, set of fine clothes,an ungodly amount of self made drugs, scale mail, a mace, a bracelet with the holy symbol of bast,

Personality: Probably the nicest most caring drug dealer you will ever come across, he sells prescription medicine illegally and gives the money to charity. He pay his taxes though. Bad habit!

Pet: Yappy the purple faerie dragon.

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