PC: Irlee WiltedOak

Twitch handle: stormthedksnub
Character name: Irlee WiltedOak
Class: Monk
Path: Way of the Shadows

Irlee is a monk of the shadows spending most of her time in a temple after she was born. Her father raising her for a while before shipping her off like his other kids.
Irlee has a sister who was part of the tavern for a while by the name of Velestia and they were very close after Irlee got out of the temple.

Equipment and Items:
Irlee has on her at all times a locket with a picture of her self, Velestia, and 3 other siblings.
She wears a old grey gi with a shadow fist on the back of it. Her arms from the elbow to her knuckles is wrapped in black cloth just like her feet to her Knees.
Her hair is cut to one of those long sidecute type of things.
She carries a Elven short sword on her hip for when her fist just don’t pack enough punch.

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  • 22nd September 2016 at 2:14 pm

    Died on the 20th of September, turned into a wight by an evil sword.

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