PC: Iska

Name: Iska Túll
Player: Birdvsplane
Details: Half-Elf, Mid-20s, Woman, Bard
Concept: Bard focusing on showy/flashy tricks, some light healing magic.
Personality: Having learned from a young age her musical talent, Iska always felt the desire to perform and be recognized for her skills. As a child, she often competed to be the center of attention and reveled in the joy the music from her violin brought. The greatest joy she’d ever known was seeing the smile on her mother’s face, a woman riddled with illness, each time she performed. Though her basic healing capabilities were able to sustain her for some time, eventually Iska’s mother became too weak to simply rely on her daughter’s magic. Iska was forced to reach out to a less-than-legitimate group and vow her services in exchange for the gold to pay for her mother’s treatment. Due to the stress of balancing the love for her mother but the hate to be someone’s “servant,” Iska often wears her emotions on her sleeve, quick to react or spout the first thing that comes to mind regardless of the repercussions. Iska is determined to become a world-renowned musician, capable of supporting her mother without the help of her shady connections keeping her family in debt.
Appearance: Iska is a relatively short half-elf, standing around 5 ft. 5 inches, with light brown skin. She is adorned with a loose shawl draped over her shoulders where she often keeps her violin, bow, dagger and other such items when not in use. The shawl appears wavy, flowy on her and she moves around and seems to cover some basic leather armor. Her gray-blond hair is shaved incredibly short on the sides and back of her head, while the top appears to shoot diagonally backwards. Often on her shoulder or sleeping in her shawl is a young owl who has remained unnamed. Gifted to her by her mother, Iska wears an amulet with the symbol of the sky deity and cherishes this connection to both her mother and the concept of flying free closely.
Abilities: As an eager performer, Iska regularly attempts to win over crowds with her words and music and feels comfortable attempting to speak with nobles, perform for drunkards, or attempting win the hearts and minds of those ready to oppose her. She’s learned many spells to enhance her musical performances, including a fanciful tone which can create light and a discordant note which could literally blow a crowd away. She has also dabbled (but never mastered) some basic healing magic.
Equipment: Iska carries her violin which she uses to channel all of the magical abilities within her. When that falls short, she’s prepared to pull her hand crossbow or the small dagger from her side. She wears incredibly light leather armor, as anything heavier would weigh her down and just be generally uncomfortable. She also carries an amulet of the sky deity around her neck.
Deity – Iska has a reverence for the deity of the sky. In her dreams, she imagines herself and her mother ascending to another level, above the lands of men, wars, conflict, oppression. She yearns to be free and prays to the sky deity to make that a reality.

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