PC: Jack Door

Name: Jack Door
Player: Michael (Discord), EvilHarryDread (twitch)
Details: Human, male, young man, roguish wizard
Appearance: Flittish young man with pale blue eyes and black hair that greys at the back.
Personality: Bright, yet inexperienced and impulsive. Selfish and at times feral.
Secret Backstory: Big reveal- Jack Door used to be a jackdaw. For the longest time he was a simple bird living his life as he saw fit. Things got complicated when a witch befriended him, offering him food in exchange for company. Before long he was drinking her blood and became a full-fledged familiar. He found himself getting smarter and smarter and as he did things only became more confusing. He learned so much however his will was no longer his own, his existence became one of servitude.
 One day, for reasons entirely her own, the witch turned Jack into a man.
 Jack saw his opportunity and sprang.
He struck out at the woman with an animalistic fear. Snatching up some handsome curio, he fled the hut.
 Feet beat earth for what seemed liked hours. His flight was long and tireless.
 On the verge of exhaustion he stumbled upon the sound of roleplaying. A tavern it seemed to be. Curious, he approaches.
Magic item: +1 Spear of Returning

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